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2017 Testimonials

October 2017

Oct 2017 - New Bern, NC
How to Find Customers.

"Thanks for all that great information.
Great presentation as usual.
All the best,"

"Thank you so much for last nights class!"

"Good Morning Steve.
I am glad I attended your class at Craven CC. I am always eager to learn the selling and marketing ideas. And your class was full of them.
Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us."

Oct 2017 - Kenansville, NC
How to start a new business.

"Thank you so much Mr. Carver.
I really enjoyed the session and I plan to come back. I will see you soon. I also plan to network with you and bounce different ideas off to you. I hope you are in a place that you can assist me with the questions I'm sure.
Enjoy your weekend!!"

"In progress, Steve!!
I WILL OPEN MY BUSSINESS ONE DAY EVEN IF IT TAKES ME 3 YEARS TO FINISH THE SERIES!! Ill be there this week to pick up where I left off!!
You are a great teacher!"

May 2017

May 2017 - Troy, NC
How to start a cafe' - coffee shop.

Good Morning, Steve!
THANK YOU for all the great materials you forwarded. I am positive I will referencing them often. I'm definitely going to contact D'Vine Foods to see how we could partner. I'll update you as we begin to progress.

THE SBC director shared that you would be teaching a merchandising class a little later in the year. I'll be there!! Thanks again,

May 2017 - Jacksonville, NC
One on One Start Up Coaching

Thank you for all the help and great advice provide the past two years. We have finally opened and doing quite well.
We appreciate any advice you give us and know your insight will help us improve and grow our business.


April 2017

Clinton, NC: Sampson CC.
How to become self employed. Series of Seven Work Shops.

Thank you Steve. You have been alot of help. We will be getting to work on this project. I enjoy your classes and they are very helpful. I hope you have a great day.

Sincerely yours,

Thanks for the class and the takeaways of:
Fighting Distractions and Setting Daily Priorities.
I look forward to seeing improved profit margins within our profit centers. I highly recommend this training not only to new entrepreneurs, but also to seasoned business owners like myself. We should challenge ourselves daily to never stop learning.


March 2017

Kenansville, NC: James Sprunt CC.
How to become self employed. Series of Seven Work Shops.

We want to give the this course with Steve Carver TWO THUMBS UP!!
It is has been informative and Mr. Steve is enthusiastic about business. We learned the ABCs and ABCDs of business from the best!!

Walinda and Tim

Wilmington: Bookkeeping, Taxes, Forecasting, Negotiating, Salesmanship 404
Hi Steve,
Sarah and I thoroughly enjoyed attending your class a few weeks ago. It was very informative and I really appreciate what you are doing for small businesses.
I look forward to attending another one of your classes in the future!

Wilmington - March: How to start a Web Site to best promote your business online.
Last night I attended another of the seminars offered through the Cape Fear Community College Small Business Center. The topic was How to Create & Start an Internet Retail Business. The 25 year old me would have very likely walked away disappointed because what I felt I most critically needed from the session before walking in the door was not what I walked out with 3 hours later.

But the presenter, who I had before, is a seasoned entrepreneur who is extremely wise about the key tenets; and quite frankly about living a successful life. He reinforced for me some of the important business concepts from the 1st session I attended, while providing some sage advice on moving your business to the Internet. The couple of purely internet business related pieces of information I sought will surely be obtained through other sources and quite possibly with the direct assistance of this gentleman, Steve Carver, and his connections.

Recognizing and opening up to the incredible power of people with wisdom to share should be your overarching objective as it will greatly facilitate the finding of the answers you seek. An appreciable amount of wisdom does come with age. I recognized that years ago, but I so enjoy the times when I see it confirmed. A word to the wise -- seek those who are wiser!


New Bern: Marketing, How to Find and Define Customers
A breath of fresh air to this seminar program. Best I've attended ever and hope to see Steve back soon and often..I know all those who were in attendance appreciated all that you had to say.


Kinston, NC .... How to write business plans and profit center models.

Thank you so much for presenting such an informative seminar. I enjoyed every moment and look forward to attending many more. It was a pleasure to say the least. See you again soon.


Surf City, NC .... Business Taxes and Salesmanship Skills Enhancement

Good Morning,
Thank you for presenting the seminar last night. It was very informative and helped me get a lot of my plans into focus.

Thank you,

Surf City, NC .... Business Taxes and Salesmanship Skills Enhancement

Hello Mr. Carver,
It was nice seeing you the other night and picking up on some information that we recently just went over with our accountant. Now thatwe have a Nanny for the children, I'm hoping to be able to sign up for more classes and get all the wisdom you have to offer.

We appreciate all the help you've given.

Have a blessed day,

February 2017

Hamlet, NC .... How to start a small business.

Mr. Steve,
Thank you so much for the information on how to start a business and the do's and don't of your business.

I left last night with knowledge that I didn't have before. It was a pleasure meeting you look forward to seeing you again.


Ahoskie, NC .... How to Find Customers

Thank you for the information and all your insight. I have enjoyed the class so far and look forward to the other sessions.


January - Internet Marketing and Sales

Mr. Carver is pleasant, entertaining and knowledgeable.
He is a wealth of information and is an entrepreneurial genius.


I really enjoyed the presentation and learned more than expected, was a great resource, good for aspiring business owners and puts things into perspective.


The class was very informative.
I will definitely attend more classes like these.